Stop boring me and think
Is the new sexy

In other news, I got a tattoo

In other news, I got a tattoo

Alyssa babe!! I know!! I’m sorry. I’ve just been really BUSSY with the clinic, and I don’t have that much.of a free time, but I still keep thinking of you :)

I miss tumblr as fuck!! And all of you guys, I’m not dead, but it seems like I’m. I have a lot of work and is killing me.

Inspired by this.

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Appropriate response to everything Peeta Mellark does in the entire series.

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sherlock meme | ten anything [2/10] 
↳ Janine in the hospital scene in “His Last Vow”

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yasmine akram aka love of my life

yasmine akram aka love of my life

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I think we know the rest
But get it off your chest

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unaware of the beautiful

unaware of the beautiful

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John: You and Janine?
Sherlock: Mmm, yes. Me and Janine.

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